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"I've been building custom homes for almost 40 years and now I am excited to bring my son; Dylan into the mix. We’ve always been a family owned company and now we can truly be a multigenerational one. He is passionate and young with his finger on the pulse of what is trending in the building world. He brings a fresh approach to the business that we were excited for the company to grow and thrive on.  We come from a family of craftsmen - my dad, my brothers, I guess it runs in our blood.  Every job we take on we hope to build trust, provide value and produce a high quality outcome. We love turning your dreams into a reality you can call... home."

Mike Donohoe, General Contractor.



We've built a lot more than homes in our time. We've built trust. Years after completing our clients' homes, many of them allow - even encourage - us to come back to show potential customers what we can do. We believe that although there's a vital place for contracts and lawyers and codes, our handshake is our bond. Earning your trust is the most important part of our business.



We strive to deliver more then you anticipated. Our goal is to always over deliver and produce a final product you are happy with. Beyond that, we believe that value is about providing the unexpected; the finishing touches. It means caring about the construction of your custom home exactly the way we care about our own. 



We set very high standards for ourselves. Not just because our clients ask us to, but because that's the way we like to do business. You'll see those standards reflected in every aspect of our work - from hand-picked sub-contractors, to Energy Star compliance, to an eye for design that leads many clients to ask us to undertake everything from the blueprints to the landscaping. In short, when you hire Donohoe Builders you get much more than us. You get the best of us.




You will live in your new home for a long time. We want to make sure you love it from the moment you first set foot in it.


Everyone we bring onto a job is experienced and vetted to ensure they are capable of excellence.


We never forget that you deserve superb service. We are in-touch and available every step of the way.


If you can imagine it, we can build it. We are creative, accomplished and experienced in translating ideas to reality.

We’ve  built, remodeled or renovated over 70 homes over the years - from small retreats in the woods to large mansions with every modern convenience. It's flattering to think that our clients have trusted us with their life savings and dreams. Believe me, in this business, trust is everything.

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