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Our philosophy is simple: we aim to earn your trust, so that you can share this momentous adventure in your life with us. Building a relationship is as important to us as building a custom home.

We do this by working only with high-quality people - the very best of the best. Every subcontractor is carefully-vetted, and selected by their commitment to excellence and value. We make the entire process as transparent as possible, so that you will always see just how much attention we pay to making the best use of your resources.

And we make a commitment to your satisfaction that few can match. We are proud of our work - justifiably so, according to the homeowners with whom we've worked. We became builders because it felt right. An honest trade learned from Mike's dad, an honest man.

Let nothing here deceive you: building to the standards we set for ourselves is hard work. It's occasionally backbreaking, sometimes frustrating, and like any perfectionist, we beat ourselves up over perceived lapses in standards until they're made right.

But we love it. We love the process, we love the product, and nothing makes us happier than when you love your new home.


As we say, it all starts with a simple handshake. Old-fashioned... but in our book, it means something.

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